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2024 Belly Wraps

The perfect addition to a branding campaign, or as a stand-alone ad, belly wraps are certain to create a standout impression. These ads span the width of the paper, both front and back, occupying approximately the middle third.

QuantityPrice (minimum)
5,000 Non-Bleed$2810
7,500 Non-Bleed$3790
10,000 Non-Bleed$4645
15,000 Non-Bleed$6055
Over 15,000 per Thousand Non-Bleed$390

QuantityPrice (minimum)
5,000 Full-Bleed$3400
7,500 Full-Bleed$4400
10,000 Full-Bleed$5295
15,000 Full-Bleed$6785
Over 15,000 per Thousand Full-Bleed$455

Call for bleed specs. All pricing is per issue, per region, and includes printing and production costs.

Non-Bleed Belly Wrap Specs