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2022 Social Media

Have the nation's most trusted construction industry news source post your events and news on your behalf to our social media.

Our social media channels reache over 1,000,000 industry professionals and growing weekly. Leverage our exclusive audience to promote your events, auctions, products, job stories, and more.

Social Media Advertising Rates
up to 40,000 (Interest Based Marketing)$650 per post
up to 60,000 (Interest Based Marketing)$750 per post
up to 80,000 (Interest Based Marketing)$950 per post
up to 100,000 (Interest Based Marketing)$1050 per post
up to 40,000 (Facebook Ad Network)$1500 per post
up to 60,000 (Facebook Ad Network)$1700 per post
up to 80,000 (Facebook Ad Network)$2100 per post
up to 100,000 (Facebook Ad Network)$2300 per post
100,000 (Google Display Network)$2500 per post
200,000 (Google Display Network)$5000 per post
300,000 (Google Display Network)$7500 per post
400,000 (Google Display Network)$10000 per post